Fundraising 2023-2024  

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This appeal is being made on behalf of St. Anne’s and is a request for you to support us to raise money to enhance the educational experience of our pupils and their learning environment.


Unfortunately every year we struggle financially to provide everything that is required to run our school and to provide enough resources to enable our pupils to access an appropriate education. 

Providing appropriately means access to sensory rooms to provide therapeutic supports, sensory diets or sometimes just fun for our pupils. We need to access a variety of sensory toys and equipment to provide for
individual needs and likes. Repairs and replacement of these can be very costly.

As a result of Covid – 19 we have separated our classes into bubbles for play times. Breaks are
organised according to age groups and as you can imagine this has stretched the few items of play
equipment we already have to the limit as they can no longer be shared easily.

We do receive grants from the Department of Education but these do cover the basic costs of
running our school most of the time, not to mention the nicer things in life such as play equipment
or sensory toys.

Our fund raising initiative for this year was cancelled and already we are struggling financially.
We need your help!

What will we buy? These are the items we have identified that our children will benefit most from:

€20,000 will get us;

The ability to make additional specialist resources e.g. cover costs of
photocopying and additional paper/ink required laminators and printers
for every class
Repair/provide laptop for every class that does not have one
Replace and improve supply of all curriculum based resources and
equipment and enough PE gear to provide separately to all classes
Portable barriers to divide play areas for bubbles/social distancing
Outdoor sensory panels, magnetic dry white boards with magnetic shapes,
letters etc.
Indoor activities for break times e.g. games consoles, table top
games/activities, CD players
To go towards and help alleviate high heating and electrical costs. We are a
relatively small special school but have similar number of classes to heat as
a school with a much larger pupil population

€50,000 will get us all the above plus;

Sensory room equipment e.g. .bubble tubes, projectors, music system,
sound to light interactive toys, interactive panels
Funds to service and clean existing sensory room equipment
Purchasing specialist kitchen equipment for the Home Economics Room e.g.
slow cooker, soup maker, food processor/mixer, cooker etc
Provide interactive white board for a classroom plus software/installation
Large outdoor play equipment e.g. slide/swing/climbing frame etc.
Ride on toys (bikes, pedal cars, snickers) for play areas
Install wheelchair swings
Provide adequate PE equipment
Pay ongoing annual subscription for Boardmaker communication system
(€170 minimum annually)

€70,000 and over will get us all the above plus;

Resurfacing play area, replacing grass with resilient surfacing
Awning to cover play area to protect the children from the weather
Outdoor sensory panels, music panels, bench games
Purchase two additional interactive white boards plus software and
Fix roof leaks (for which funding was refused by DES as we will be getting a
new building in a couple of years time)
Continue to support additional heating/electrical costs


We depend very much on fundraising to provide additional educational resources as described and
any help we can get is very much appreciated. Thank you for considering our cause and please
support it by donating even the smallest amount to us.



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