The story behind our school crest

The Story behind our crest

"Et ego quoque potentiam habeo"


In St. Anne's we believe that the goal of education is to unveil the potential within every child. This is reflected in our motto which means "I too have potential", this was translated into Latin by a parent Brian Dempsey, whose daughter Ann was a pupil in our school several years ago.

The shield is divided into four sections, each section has a specific meaning.

Top left:  The sun rising - this represents the Curragh Plains which is where the school is situated. Symbolically the sun has many different meanings life, vitality and force.  

We have chosen the symbolism "hope in the future".

Top right: These are the stylised representation of the letters "S" and "A" which of course stands for St. Anne's.

Bottom left: The main block of blue is our school colour. Blue means truth and loyalty.

Bottom right: The oak tree - Of course the Irish for Kildare is Cill Dara which means " church of the oak". It was important, therefore, to include the oak in our crest. The oak tree represents virtue and strength. 

We like to think that these attributes underpin everything we do for our pupils.


              "Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them "

Claudia Taylor Johnson