Witches Walk 2013

 On Friday 25th October we had our annual witches walk. All the pupils and staff dressed up as their favourite monster, ghoul or creepy character.  

We were escorted by 30 Cadets from the Curragh Camp as we made our way around the school, across the car park, down past the senior school building and into the sensory garden. Here we were met by  even more witches (real and pretend, though it was difficult to work out which was witch!) as we made our way through the horticulture tunnel, around by the garden shed and back to school for a disco.      

Skeletons danced with witches - a box of Daz came too

A pumpkin raced around the hall  it was a strange thing to view.

Pink and purple and green hair with pointy hats galore

Clashed with Fiona (where's Shrek) and Charlie Chaplin - as everyone took to the floor

Wizards, werewolves and Draculas, a tiger and a dog that could talk

All met with the army at St. Anne's for our annual witches walk


Sincere thanks to everyone who supported this event. Thanks to the parents and families who helped with the sponsorship and who walked with us and particular thanks to the Cadets who made this such a memorable day.

A special thanks to all the pupils and staff for turning out in the best costumes yet and for joining in the fun of the day.

As a result of all the efforts we have managed to raise enough money for an Apple Macbook for our IPad Trolley.